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Local & Exceptional Foods & Specialty Items

A curated selection of meats, locally grown organic produce, and exceptional food items from around the globe tucked into the quaint village of Three Oaks, Michigan.

Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 - 6 pm EST,  Sunday 9 - 2 pm EST.  CLOSED TUESDAY.
Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 - 6 pm EST,  Sunday 9 - 2 pm EST.  CLOSED TUESDAY.

Products + Farms

If you have information to share or are a farmer or producer with something to sell, please let us know! What we sell at 6 Linden doesn’t have to be local if it’s exceptional. Are there products that you would like to see stocked on our shelves? Do you have ideas, feedback, or suggestions to share? Please reach out, we’re all ears!

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1 Man Ranch

Here at 1 Man Ranch, great pride is taken to produce the highest quality beef, raised ethically, by providing the best quality feed and care. Our goal is to have the highest quality products available to the consumer and to take customer service to the highest level with competitive pricing.

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Amish Country Dairy

While we understand our creamline milk will not win any contests for eye appeal, We at ACD believe less processing, more natural, and simple down home ingredients trumps fancy packaging any day.

Take it – Shake it – Taste it, our milk speaks for itself.

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Bennett Farms

We are a small farm with large ambitions to provide quality food with exceptional flavor to as many individuals and families as we can at a fair price. We care for and raise all of our animals in a low stress environment. They are raised with love and we adhere to high standards of animal welfare. At our farm we welcome all questions about how we do business and are very transparent.

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Bit of Swiss

What started as a small shop baking bread for Tosi’s restaurant and it’s customers with leftovers for sale on a small card table, Bit of Swiss slowly gained recognition in the area. It became known as a unique place to buy pastries, coffee cakes, and Hans’ signature salt top rye.  "We have dedicated ourselves to creating the finest, freshest, most unique baked goods!"

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Our sparkling fruit tonic blends the juice from tart apples and other varietals to create a light, aromatic and refreshing pick-me-up. Sweetened with a drop of honey, enlivened with our own ‘Orchard Bitters’ with aronia berries, chicory, dandelion, propolis, and half a dozen heirloom apple varieties, Fruitbelt is a pint-sized vacation, a perfect daily tonic and a stellar mixer.

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The Granola Factory

We bake real food for the real world. Our granola is baked the way it should be: with flavor and quality of the utmost importance. We use ingredients in our kitchen that you probably use at home. Real food ingredients you can buy in the grocery store, such as butter, honey, pecans, rolled oats and brown sugar. The result is a homemade, just-baked flavor.

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Greenfield Grazing

We sell delicious pasture raised lamb from our farm in Buchanan, Michigan directly to you.

 At Greenfield Grazing, we strive for quality rather than quantity, bringing our customers a healthful, consistent product with an exceptional taste.

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Hinterland Farm + Kitchen

On our farm we grow over 25 varieties of garlic each with a unique set of flavors and characteristics. The tomatoes we grow are colorful heirloom varieties and good producers for our climate. We also grow 12 different type of greens, french breakfast radishes, hot peppers, popping corn, horseradish, and many other vegetables and herbs, all Certified Naturally Grown- using the same standards as certified organic.

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Janie's Mill

Great baked goods come from great relationships between passionate and skillful farmers, millers, and bakers.

We are honored to stone-mill the certified organic grains grown by Janie’s Farm into artisan flours for bakers like YOU!

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Kaminski Farms

When you choose Kaminski Farms, you know where your meat comes from. We raise our animals like you raise your kids...with pride and lots of tender loving care.

Our Meat is butchered at a USDA approved butcher site and returned to us frozen and packaged for your enjoyment. We offer grain-finished beef by the pound or in larger quantities. We also have locally raised pork, goat and lamb along with Amish raised chickens.

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Proper gut health is instrumental to athletic performance and recovery.
Our gut is a second “brain,” and researchers are continually uncovering new benefits of probiotics, scientifically connecting the dots between gut health, reduced inflammation, and stronger immunity.

Kombuchade is a thirst quenching, clean label, functional kombucha, designed to easily add tasty probiotics into anyone's routine.

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Rancho Gordo



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Red Arrow Roasters

Red Arrow Roasters is an artisan specialty coffee roasting company.

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Smoking Goose

Over 40 varieties of slow cured + smoked meats, salumi, sausages

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Sticky Spoons Jam

We're committed to purity and quality, which is why our products are free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and high fructose corn syrup. Whether it's enhancing a recipe in the kitchen, crafting a signature cocktail, or simply spreading joy on your morning toast, our jams elevate every moment.

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Tomato Bliss

Experience the transformative power of heirloom tomatoes grown on biodiverse farms in Michigan’s glorious fruitbelt. Enjoy superb flavor, higher nutrient density, and climate-positive food. Support biodiversity and local farmers committed to restoring our beautiful planet.

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Vargo Brother Ferments

We are your source for super delicious fermented condiments, jams, krauts, kimchi, and kombucha.

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Water & Wheat

Producer of vegan meats crafted from local produce.

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West Michigan Pasta and Provisions

Traditional chef-made artisan and dried pasta. Extruded semolina pasta.

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